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suicidal crow [Jul. 19th, 2009|03:35 pm]
[Current Music |Brother Ali]

Walking down hill with my americano and toasted bagel I can hear crows barking in the sky, I walk another two blocks down to 23rd where I see them swirling in the air above the street and hunting the trees along the sidewalk. I walk to the curb, a single crow is setting still in the middle of the lane, this crow is the reason the rest are so upset, the crow isn't moving, I kick some rocks at the crow, still, a small black statue in the road. The first car pass's in the opposite lane, the second car drives over the crow not hitting him, but the third car hits the crow, a soft organic crack of crow body, it folds over for a moment and then picks it's self back up, sitting in the same position and waits for the next car. That was enough for me so I continue my walk home, only half a block away, I could hear the rest of the crows barking for another 15 minutes.